#MadeForMakers: Rob Hogan

Originally published on The Makery

By Samantha Reichstein

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis sang about thrift shops in 2013, and the idea of vintage, second-hand clothing became a popular trend for millennials. Living in Austin and attending the University of Texas, maker Rob Hogan realized his passion for thrifting made for a great business plan, and with work and dedication, he owned the necessary tools to create and run his own store. The idea popped into his head mid-interview at a brick-and-mortar thrift shop near campus, and his vintage, Instagram store quickly transformed from a dream to a reality.

Rob started his business this past June by posting pictures of clothing for sale on his account, @MysticGrooveVintage. His business sells a variety of fashion, ranging from t-shirts and jerseys to sneakers and occasional jewelry. Rob sat down with Chameleon Cold-Brew to share his obsession with iced mochas, points of inspiration in his life, and his definition of the word “maker”.

Rob photographs each piece of clothing for his Instagram shop.
Rob photographs each piece of clothing for his Instagram shop.

1) What would you say is your personal mantra?

“Math it or don’t.” If you want coherence, measure. Use reason and check your math and always be open and encourage any effort to be proven wrong. BUT, on the other hand, there is a beautiful and healthy rationality to the irrational, weird, poetic, magical, mystical, funky, crazy and freaky. Embrace it and laugh your ass off. Warning: the irrational is not the rational, don’t play yourself. :).

2) What inspired you to create @MysticGrooveVintage?

Rob's inspiration sparked through his love of skateboarding.
Rob’s inspiration sparked through his love of skateboarding.

My friends and skateboarding; I know some rad peopleMy friend Whitney has her own jewelry company, Beaded by W. The story of how she almost stumbled into her business inspired me to quit thinking about making mine and to actually make it. Skateboarding is the ultimate tool for analogy, a host of numerous inspirational personalities, and represents a nexus of the creation of style with diverse influences. Skating, with crocodile-like compassion, has taught me perseverance and that every action is worth doing expressively whether it is riding a board or creating a brand. My favorite personality in skateboarding is Mark Gonzales, eclectic entrepreneur, artist, poet, and “The Gonzfather” of street skating.

3) When needing an extra kick of energy, what’s your drink-of-choice?

Iced mochas turn me into an ecstatic frenzied maker monkey man.

4) Favorite go-to Austin hotspot?

Texas Honey Ham in Westlake. Where else can you get barbecue sauce cooked into your pulled pork Frito pie breakfast taco or grilled ham salad on your sandwich?

5) What does being a “maker” mean to you?

Well, by definition, to be a maker requires action. Stop thinking, go do. Don’t confine your dreams to your bed, let the crazy in your head spill all over the place. Get out of bed, scrape your knees, lose all of your money, learn something, repeat, repeat. Make today the raddest day! Do cool stuff!

Rob's workspace featuring colorful artwork that inspires him.
Rob’s workspace that inspires him to pursue the maker mentality.

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