About Me

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 2.46.35 PMHi there! I’m Sam, a third-generation Texan who wears the title “New York transplant” with pride.

I currently work at the startup Seashell, an investment platform that’s reimagining the flow of money. Before that I was at Medley,  membership-based community for personal and professional growth and Petal, a fin-tech, credit card startup.

Working at a startup, the phrase “wearing many hats” is often used to describe responsibilities, regardless the role. As my past few years have been in the startup world, you could say my hat hair is next level 🙃 What draws me to these environments built on collaboration with opportunities to both grow and learn, while also working toward a strong, unified mission.

My skillset and experience includes copywriting, social media creation and management, email marketing and brand building+awareness. In my free time I enjoy scrolling TikTok (possibly a little too much,) using this emoji  💁🏻‍♀️ and searching for beagles in the Big Apple. I am also a proud journalism alum from The University of Texas at Austin. Hook ’em! 🤘

Feel free to contact me directly at: [email protected]

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