How to procrastinate like a pro instead of studying for finals

Originally published on Burnt Q Tumblr

By Samantha Reichstein

While Thanksgiving break provides a time to go home and enjoy friends, family and leftovers for days, the grueling process of returning back to college for that final two-week push is easier said than done. Ah, yes, that backpack of yours you brought home over break to “study” with ended up collecting dust in the corner, and your mind soon fills with a panic of inescapable sleep deprivation and stress the second your feet step back on campus.

You have two options: lock yourself in the library and hope for the best, or spend this prime time getting done what’s really important before the holidays.

1. Back-stalk yourself on Facebook 



Indulge in the nostalgia of your awkward teen years that somehow continue to re-appear on your feed every few months. While some may consider dead days the best excuse to study, you know cleaning up your image comes first.

2. Binge-watch a series… or two.


WestWorld, the Gilmore Girls revival… your opportunities are endless! While the weather gets frightful, spend some quality time in bed catching up on the latest series. You don’t want to be the only one at the holiday party unable to join in on the finale conversation.

3. Clean your room 


IF you ever do get around to studying, your room needs to be in tip-top shape to double as a private library. Take a trip down memory lane with all the trash you collected from this semester you once thought was treasure.

4. Update to the latest iOS


Instead of hitting “remind me later”, take this free time to download the latest iOS update. While you’re at it, update ALL your apple products. Don’t cause your laptop any more distress by functioning under the outdated OS X Mountain Lion (the horror!) Play around with the newest details sure to provide at least an hour or two of free entertainment.

5. Make an involved to-do list

Now that you’ve finally accomplished these important necessities, it’s time to awaken your inner Mulan and get down to business. These next two weeks may kill you, but not if you write down everything you need to get done before vanishing back into the bed at your parents house. Yes, everything. Make it as detailed as possible so you don’t forget a single action. Bask in the giddiness of crossing things off, one by one, until all you have left is throwing some winter clothes in a suitcase and escaping the treacherous libraries on campus… until next semester, that is.

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