The Chameleon Cold-Brew Guide to Holiday Gifts

Originally published on The Makery

By Samantha Reichstein

As the weather gets cooler, the days grow shorter and the calendar flips to its final page, one thing that excites everyone in December is the holidays, a.k.a. the time to give gifts, and receive them, accordingly. While some send out lists of their most-wanted presents, others reply with aloof answers such as, “I’ll love anything you get me!” or “I trust you to pick out something great!” To all our fellow gift-givers out there, ditch the unnecessary holiday stress with one simple answer: Chameleon Cold-Brew.

Here at Chameleon Cold-Brew, we pride ourselves in not only creating rich and flavorful coffee, but bottles and boxes that fit quite snug underneath festive wrapping paper. Our countless products allow for everyone to receive a gift they’ll love, whether they depend on caffeine to get through the day, or have yet to become a cold-brew fanatic.

To make your holiday shopping a tad easier, we present to you the Chameleon Cold-Brew guide to holiday gifting. Find the personality of the loved one you have in mind, and snag a present they’ll love only seconds after. Any of these sound too good to give away? Buy extra and stash them for yourself!

 The Cold-Brew Newbie

The perfect starter bottle: 10 oz. of flavorful freshness!
The perfect starter bottle: 10 oz. of flavorful freshness!

While you caught onto the cold-brew craze a while back, this loved one can sometimes be described as “living under a rock.” This holiday season, give them the extra push they need while wrapping their next obsession: Chameleon Cold-Brew ready to drinks. The process of coffee becomes effortless to this cold-brew newbie; all they need to do is twist off a cap to enjoy this 10 oz. treat! Remind them that even though cold brew seems like it can only be served cold, a minute in the microwave or on the stove allows for their newfound, favorite flavors to be served hot as well.

The Sweet Tooth

A sweet treat & an energy boost all-in-one.
A sweet treat & an energy boost all-in-one.

Ah, the sweet tooth. This loved one never leaves the restaurant without ordering dessert, and has at least three flavors of ice cream in their fridge at all times—regardless of the occasion. Look no further than our sweetest flavors for the perfect holiday gift: Vanilla, Caramel and Mocha cold-brew concentrates. Whether they enjoy an early morning buzz or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, 4 oz. of concentrate blended with 4 oz. of their favorite milk (or non-mylk!) will keep them energized—and sweetly satisfied—all-day long.

The Frugal Finder

Get the most "buzz" for your buck!
Get the most “buzz” for your buck!

Forget the glitz and glamour… this loved one prefers a practical gift to go along with their thrifty lifestyle.  Make their holiday gift a surprise by giving Chameleon Cold-Brew on a budget: our 64 oz. Bag-in-Box Black Concentrate. Not only can they enjoy 32 servings of delicious cold (OR HOT) cold brew for the best value, but the built-in tap makes it the perfect tag-a-long for any event!

The Life of the Party

Embrace horchata season with this spicy brew.
Embrace horchata season with this spicy brew.

When you feel like staying in your pajamas on a Saturday night, this loved one pulls you out of bed and takes you to the hippest place in town. Add some extra spice to their already flavorful life by gifting them a case of Mexican-flavored cold brew. The splash of cinnamon, almond and lightly sweet vanilla will only enhance their extrovert personality, a key ingredient necessary for any enjoyable occasion!

The Traditionalist 

When in doubt, keep things classic and caffeinated.
When in doubt, keep things classic and caffeinated.

Nothing comes as a surprise with this loved one, but that’s what makes them who they are. Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple with a holiday gift, which is why we recommend our standard, black cold-brew concentrate. This 32 oz. bottle provides a caffeinated kick that can be drank hot, cold, straight up or blended with any choice of liquid.

This holiday season, we hope Chameleon Cold-Brew enhances your gift-giving experience. Wishing to send a hint for what you want to unwrap? Send anyone and everyone to our online store. 😉

From all of us at Chameleon Cold-Brew, happy holidays!

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