#Dogstagrammers of #ATX

Originally published on BurntQ Tumblr

By Kaitlin Reid and Samantha Reichstein

*all created via iPhone* 

In a city like Austin, Texas, it’s easy to find four-legged friends anywhere you turn; from frequenting the bar to frolicking in the park… to even seeing these furry pups in the bar or in the park on your social media feed later that day.   As Instagram continues to rise, every Austinite feels like a professional photographer, snapping shots of their dogs in the trendiest dog-friendly setting with the latest filter and wittiest caption.

These photographers have earned the unofficial title of #Dogstagrammers. The Austin community loves keeping up with this elite group of social media savants, eagerly awaiting the next post from their favorite pup.

While this niche leads some to roll their eyes, others rearrange their lives around this newfound interest. There are a few different tiers of #Dogstagrammers in this social sphere. Some create an entire career around their furry companion, while others simply spice up their day-to-day routine with the account.

We met with two Austin #Dogstagrammers to learn what goes on behind the lens, and how one gets their paw in this doggy-door.

@RoccoThePug is Austin’s unofficial pug-tender and bow tie extraordinaire. Averaging 25,000 followers, Rocco’s owner Lili realized her pug’s photogenic potential when he chose to strut down the red carpet of a dog-costume competition. Since then, Rocco dabbles in creativity, posing for his own account as well as for various sponsored posts. We sat down with Lili to hear how her hobby created an eager fanbase.

Others choose to mold this #Dogstagrammer craft into a full-time career. Alex Hopes, the face behind @zilkerbark and @myregalbeagle, spends his days photographing Austin’s slobbery smiles that owner’s can purchase for a price. Those who follow each account get the delight of viewing each shot for their personal pleasure.


Hopes shoots closer shots once Lizzy embraces her inner model.


Taco keeps his eyes on the prize: a Whataburger patty.


Lizzy poses with ease by the end of her photoshoot. 

While Hopes has his own tricks to get subjects to sit and smile, many times the ideas come from owners themselves, who bring along particular toys and treats that light up their pup’s eyes.

Once the dog’s feel comfortable, the results are priceless … well, they cost $125.00 per session, but who’s counting?


Each paw print gains Hopes a new loyal follower into the #Dogstagrammer world.

Regardless if you’re an amateur just starting out or a full-fledged professional, each Austin #Dogstagrammer expands the city’s love for every tail-wagging companion.

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