Drink Up! 4 Cold Brew Myths DEBUNKED

Originally published on The Makery

By Samantha Reichstein

When I first told my parents I started working for Chameleon Cold-Brew, I began to learn the cold brew myths circling around traditional coffee drinkers. “Oh, that’s like iced coffee, right?” my mom asked. “Is this a new millennial way to drink coffee?” my dad questioned. I thought maybe my parents were the ones unaware of the cold brew phenomenon, but the more I spoke to my friends and peers about it, the quicker I realized how many people believed these myths to be true. The truth of cold brew, however, is the reason so many coffee connoisseurs have not only tried it, but have embraced it wholeheartedly. So I’m here to set the record straight, to right over some wrongs you may think about cold brew, and to debunk popular myths about our favorite drink. Following the words of Famous Myth Buster Adam Savage, I am ready to “reject your reality and substitute my own!”

Myth #1:  Only Serve your Cold Brew Cold

I’ll give this one to you, because the name is deceiving. Cold brew … served over ice, correct? Not always! The name actually relates to the temperature the beans are brewed at in the coffee creation process. Room temperature water yields a bigger and better coffee flavor with lower acidity, compared to hot or steaming water. Cold brew can actually be served cold OR hot, giving it a leg up against a regular iced-coffee option. Trying to warm up? Attempting to stay cool? Cold brew is your answer, for any temperature.

Pour it in a mug if craving a warm cold-brew coffee.
Pour your Chameleon into a mug when craving a hot cup of cold brew. 

Myth #2: Cold-Brewed Coffee is a New Invention

With many mainstream coffee industries now venturing into the cold-brew market, it’s easy to assume the cold-brew process is a new thing. Think again! While origins of cold-brew coffee date back to 16th century China, the popularity of cold brew peaked in the 1960s with Todd Simpson’s cold-brew coffee system (a.k.a. the Toddy.) What really caught the market’s eye, however, was the introduction of premium cold-brew coffee concentrates, like Chameleon Cold-Brew. Taking off in 2011, this process has gained nothing short of exponential attention and success!

Myth #3: Brew your best cup using boiled water

Cool water provides your brew with the most flavorful & fresh taste.
Cool water provides your cold brew with the best taste. 

Going back to our first debunked myth, this idea is also 100% false! If temperatures reach over 200 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the brewing process, the water can extract oils from the coffee grounds and leave your product scorched. Here at Chameleon, our steeping process follows the motto of, “low and slow” to ensure that our cold brew stays fresh and flavorful.

Myth #4: A Cold Brew’s boost acts instantaneously

While cold brew is famous for its caffeine punch, don’t assume a few sips will automatically transform you into the energizer bunny. A cup of coffee on average takes at least 15 minutes to be fully digested.  If after finishing a glass you immediately perk up, this myth continues to run based solely off the placebo effect. The greatest cold-brew benefits will appear within an hour of drinking, so remember this when planning out your Chameleon Cold-Brew breaks!

There you have it! A quick cold-brew crash course that has you ready debunk popular myths with ease. Whether you’re a cold-brew newbie or a well-versed virtuoso, knowing the difference between ‘coffee fact or fiction’ is key to making the most out of every cup.

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