Keep Austin Wired: Chameleon’s Mission for Austin Foodies

Originally published on The Makery

By Samantha Reichstein

Living in Austin comes with many perks, but one that has reached national attention is the city’s endless options of food; not any just food, but GOOD food. Whether your taste buds crave bites from the Domain or cling to food trucks across the Eastside, it’s hard to stay hungry in a city filled with restaurants. A craving not always conquerable, however, is the desire for cold brew. Going out to eat requires energy… wouldn’t it be nice if you could just order a glass of fuel alongside your favorite ATX entrée?

It’s better than nice: it’s do-able. Chameleon Cold-Brew no longer defines itself as just a grocery shelf bottle, but also as a drink you can now order off any classic Austin menu.

A little overwhelming? Don’t worry, we’re here to show off a few of our favorite restaurants across Austin that serve Chameleon coffee. Our mission to “Keep Austin Wired” is in full swing, so join the cold-brew craze and order up!

1. Gourdough’s Public House

Chameleon and donuts go hand-in-hand.
Chameleon Cold-Brew and donuts go hand-in-hand.

An Austin donut deserves an Austin coffee to go along with it. After deciding on your glazed goodness, make sure to order a cup of Chameleon Cold-Brew on the side. A second bonus on top of keeping you buzzed the rest of the day? Our brew acts as a major savior when conquering savory bites.

2. Parlor and Yard

When traveling to West 6th,  make sure to visit Parlor and Yard and order a drink on the Chameleon tap! Start your night off with a bang by ordering a refreshing Kahlua made with Chameleon Cold-Brew and Tito’s Vodka. With an energizing cocktail like this, Parlor and Yard will be the first of many stops on your West 6th adventure.

Order us on tap at Parlor and Yard.
Order us on tap at Parlor and Yard.

3. Bungalow

So maybe you’re more of a Rainey Street fan? We’ve got you covered! Order a Chameleon Irish Coffee or Cold-Brew Whiskey and enjoy the outdoor scene atBungalow as the weather begins to cool. If craving a beer, you can always request a Chameleon Cold-Brew hop blended with your favorite label. Pair your Chameleon with an entrée from the Wild Taco food truck, and the Austin foodie inside of you will instantly feel satisfied.

4. Banger’s

Stay wired with our cold brew at a classic Austin location.
Stay wired with our cold brew at a classic Austin location.

Add an extra kick to your Sunday brunch at Banger’s with a glass of Chameleon Cold-Brew. Either ordered by itself or mixed into a hop, Chameleon will keep you on your feet all-afternoon long while enjoying the live music stage, socializing with four-legged friends and indulging in a spread complete with a taste of caffeine.

5. WuChow

Austin’s newest high-end Chinese restaurant WuChow recently added Chameleon Cold-Brew as a drink option to their bar. Order a buzzing cocktail sure to spark any conversation, as each is served in a fun Tiki glass complete with a mini umbrella. With endless options of courses on the menu, your Chameleon cocktail will allow you to enjoy multiple servings without feeling drained.

Let the force be with brew!
Let the force be with brew! Order any cocktail to accompany a Chinese dish.

6. Nuevo Leon/Hill’s Café

An airport adventure isn’t complete without a cup of coffee. Fortunately for you, Austin-Bergstrom Airport now offers a location where Chameleon Cold-Brew can be purchased. Pair your Nuevo Leon Tex-Mex breakfast taco with the perfect boost of energy needed for travel. If timed correctly, Chameleon Cold-Brew can even act as your energetic companion more than 40,000 feet up in the air. A great conversation starter when sitting next to an unknown passenger, if you ask us!

There you have it: a list of restaurants that satisfy both the Austin foodie and the cold-brew connoisseur in everyone. Share your love for both and dine out at iconic locations while continuing to Keep Austin Wired. And for those places that haven’t caught on to the Chameleon craze yet? That’s why we sell ready to drinks 😏.

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