Make Mondays Fun Days with Cold Brew Coffee

By Samantha Reichstein

Originally published on The Makery


Mondays. Ugh.

That’s usually the reaction to our not-so-favorite day of the week. But what else is there to say? The first day back from a weekend means being buried in emails, staying late at the office playing catch-up, and trying to organize your plans for the rest of the week. While this is the norm, we’re here to re-establish Mondays’ reputation… a.k.a make them FUNdays. And with Chameleon Cold-Brew, it’s easier than you think. Ready to take on the Monday challenge? We’re here to help.

Mix things up

Schedule a coffee date on a Monday with Chameleon Cold-Brew ready to drink coffee.

It’s easy to fall into a mundane Monday routine, but simply making room for free time at the beginning of the week instead of the end can make all the difference. Take time on Monday to do something outside of your work zone, whether that be meeting a (non-work) friend for lunch, going to happy hour or just enjoying a quick coffee date (we can’t lie – this is our personal favorite!) A mini break outside the office at the start of your week can get you excited for Monday, now a day filled with socializing.

Hydrate with a twist

A pour shot mixing water with Chameleon Cold-Brew Vanilla Concentrate.

Water is an obvious essential, but it’s easy to forget you need H20 when focused on other things at your desk. While bringing a water bottle to the gym is second nature, it may seem unnecessary while sitting all day at a cubicle – especially whilst picking up Monday’s leftover tasks. However, staying fully hydrated keeps your mind clear, your body energized and your head focused. Instead of trying to tally up eight cups, bring more water into your day with some of our favorites.

Do you love drinking a cup of coffee in the morning? So do we. Switch out your order for any bottles of our concentrates and blend 4 ounces of brew with 4 ounces of water. Do you find your tastebuds craving the sensation of bubbles and fizz? Fix yourself a Chameleon Cold-Brew soda – a.k.a concentrate, Topo Chico, and ice cubes.

Little tweaks like these can increase your water intake while also providing you with a fun drink filled with fuel.

Schedule time to spark creativity

Step outside the office and let your creativity flow, powered by Chameleon Cold-Brew Mexican ready-to-drink.
PC: @readysetjetset

Mondays can be filled with back-t0-back meetings and team calls, usually in the morning since everyone has returned to the office and is ready to start anew. Because of this, it is especially important to schedule time  away from your desk and in a new environment. Even if it’s walking outside your building with a few co-workers for 10-15 minutes, give yourself that timeframe to brainstorm in a new setting. Going outside of your typical boundaries provides fresh perspectives and encourages out-of-the-box ideas.

Set a morning routine – and follow it!

Save time in your mornings for other activities by crafting your own brew the day before with Chameleon Cold-Brew coffee pods.
Chameleon Cold-Brew pods.

Not everyone is a Monday person, but even more people shy away from being a morning person. Kill two birds with one stone by setting up a morning routine, at least Monday to Friday, and make sure you stick to it. Ease into the early bird mentality with our latest product: Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee Pods (pictured above!) Waste no time by preparing your brew, just how you like it, the night before. Whether you enjoy your coffee in a fresh mug while reading the newspaper or in your tumbler on the way to work, you can save some time in the A.M. by having your flavorful energizer ready to go.

Use that extra time for other activities that are proven to benefit your day, such as working out in the morning or simply just giving yourself an extra 15 minutes to mentally prepare for the day. This will definitely come in handy on a Monday, where instead of feeling rushed, frazzled, and anxious for work to start, you’ll already be in the swing of things from your morning routine.

Stay focused on Friday

Keep focused on your Fridays with a Chameleon Cold-Brew concentrate glass, just how you like it.
PC: @thedaleyplate

It’s hard not to feel excited when Friday rolls around. TGIF, right?

Excitement is 100% valid, but it’s important to stay focused throughout the whole day in order to ensure a smooth Monday morning. While it’s easy to shrug off responsibilities and think you’ll “start fresh on Monday”, this mindset can cause even more stress and setbacks for your upcoming plans. When that 3 P.M. slump rolls around, grab yourself a glass Chameleon Cold-Brew coffee bottle and take a stroll around the office. Give this sipper some time to refocus your mind and let you power through until the end of the day.

Enjoy your work, Maker.

Enjoy your work, maker by treating your hunger for fuel with a Chameleon Cold-Brew RTD

Yes, we are a coffee Made For Makers. And in that, we strive to fuel any Maker, whether that’s their label after hours or during a 9-5 day. While every job cannot be a dream job, it’s important to find what you love in your work and enjoy it. Going into the office with a positive attitude may be easier said than done, but especially walking in on a Monday with a smile is a major game changer.  So begin your week with enjoyment, and if you need some assistance, we can provide that… in a variety of flavors.


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