Keep Holiday Cheer After the Holidays

Originally published on The Makery

By Samantha Reichstein

Two weeks into the new year and it’s officially official – the holiday season is more than over.  Unopened emails replace wrapped presents, home-cooked meals morph into on-the-go substitutes, and your next vacation day seems like lightyears away. While the holidays can bring some unnecessary stress, it’s hard to deny that there are emotions of cheer and comfort throughout the special season. Feelings of basking in cold weather, twinkling lights, and familial gatherings are simply unmatched.

So now that we’re back to the grind and the holidays seem like a distant dream, is there any way to re-create those feelings of bliss? Have no fear! Below are some tips from the Chameleon Cold-Brew team to ensure you can keep up that holiday cheer far into the rest of the year.

Plan a party

Plan a party outside of the holiday season to keep your spirits up in the new year.
Have a caffeinated staple for any party menu. PC: @carissa_burton

The best part of the holiday season is undeniably the holiday parties, where you get to relax, eat great food, and (usually) enjoy a nice cocktail on the side. Take matters into your own hands and set aside a day post-holiday season to plan a party of your own!  Whether it’s a smaller-scale apartment hangout that’s styled as a potluck meal, or a full-blown event crafted with a few others, invite loved ones you enjoy seeing during the holidays and make time outside of that “standard schedule” to celebrate. Emulate those same cheerful vibes at a time where you’ll need it the most. Need help with the menu? Check out some Chameleon Cold-Brew cocktails or celebratory recipes that can be served (and devoured!) all-year long.

Schedule smartly

Make an effort to schedule time to relax post-holiday season.
Make time for activities enjoyed on holiday break all-year round. PC: @deliciouslittlebites

After a long week of work, it’s easy to hibernate for 48 hours until the “Sunday scaries” emerge again. Instead of deciding how to spend your weekend on a whim, schedule smartly. Take some time at the beginning of each month to sit down and think about activities or plans you want to participate in, and if possible, plug them into your free time. Allow yourself to get excited about finishing the work-week strong by looking forward to weekend plans. As well, reach out to those nearby you only see for holiday gatherings and try to include them. Who says you can only have fun on your P-T-O days?! Grab our handy, ten ounce ready-to-drink Chameleon Cold-Brew bottles and embark on endless weekend adventures, no matter the season.

Look on the bright side

Put energy toward activities involving natural light throughout these winter months to boost that post-holiday cheer.
Put effort into including more natural light into your winter schedule. PC: @rohinimm

Ever notice how we tend to feel happier in the months of summer? While it’s definitely a more opportune time for lazy beach days and taking advantage of Fridays at the office, a large part of our mood is controlled by sunshine and natural light. Depending on where you live may not allow a total re-emergence into the outdoors throughout this winter season, but make a conscious effort! Even small actions such as opening a window or choosing to eat lunch outside can impact your emotions immensely. Keep that holiday cheer thriving post-holiday season with a cup of your favorite caffeine and some time underneath the sun. A few rays and a couple moments can make all the difference!

What will you be doing to keep up holiday cheer after the holidays? Show us how Chameleon Cold-Brew can help you conquer this goal by tagging us on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter. Use the hashtag #MadeForMakers and you may find your post shared on our social media accounts!

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