Get Back to the Grind with Cold Brew Coffee

By Samantha Reichstein

Originally published on The Makery

Goodbye slow summer, hello fast fall! With the passing of Labor Day Weekend comes the realization that September is in full-swing, and a schedule with a little less sun is approaching faster than ever. Luckily for you, Chameleon Cold-Brew is here to not only help start the month off strong, but show you tips & tricks on how to get back to the grind and stay ahead when you need to the most. So raise your caffeinated cup of brew to a new month and a new you, filled with prime opportunities to fulfill your full maker potential.

1. Create a productive morning routine

Instead of sticking to your usual 5-7 alarms (yes – we’ve all been guilty of this!) follow a schedule for the A.M. that’s both productive and enjoyable. Contrary to popular belief, cold brew’s magical fuel takes about an hour to digest before it can perform the strongest, so guzzling down a mug before running out the door isn’t the most beneficial act. Instead, use our concentrates for a tasty breakfast recipe that can boost your morning energy, while also giving you a full stomach and a clear mind to start your day strong. Use this extra time in the morning to glance at your goals, whether it be for that day, the coming week, or the next month! Writing down these ideas not only further solidifies them into a reality, but studies prove that creating to-do lists allows these thoughts to become much more attainable than if left inside your mind. If the transformation to a morning person is easier said than done, save some time by preparing the night before with our overnight oats.

Chameleon Concentrate with a hearty breakfast

2. Re-design to stay in line

DIY succulents made from Chameleon Concentrate bottles

Whether it’s your work space, relaxation station or anything that falls in between, it’s important to routinely change the look and feel of motivational areas in order to fuel inspiration. If sitting far away from any window view, invest in some greenery, whether that be a few potted plants or colorful succulents. Not only will these items add a fresh pop of color, but nature is proven to increase emotional health and productivity, while also cleaning the air. Other small accessories, such as mood boards, funny mugs or colorful office supplies transform mundane tasks into engaging moments throughout the day.

3. When in doubt, write it out

Regardless if you consider yourself an early bird or a night owl, studies showproductivity comes to the mind when least expected. What does this mean exactly? If you find your mind racing at the speed of light before noon, some of your most creative thoughts may appear in the middle of the night. On the other side, if you guzzle your cold-brew into the evening for late night shifts, an insane idea may come alongside your morning breakfast. In order to catch these ideas before they slip away, always keep a notepad and pen near you in these “non-optimal” times. Like we mentioned earlier, just the simple act of writing an idea down increases the chances for it to become true. And hey, who could pass up using this amazingstationary pack?!

coffee stationary packed party

4. Sip, sip hooray!

add water to any chameleon concentrate and stay hydrated

We understand the love for our cold brew is strong (much like it’s taste!), but caffeine fuel means nothing without ample amounts of water throughout the day. Make sure to balance out your cups of brew with glasses of water to avoid any fear of coffee dehydration. When in doubt, just stick to our cold-brew concentrates: 4 oz. of our flavorful brew blended with 4 oz. of water. Voila!

5. Make time for what you love

Chameleon Cold-Brew is a coffee made for makers —and not just the makers from 9 A.M to 5 P.M. Invest at least one hour a week in something completely outside of your work flow and embrace this new activity whole-heartedly. Whether it’s an old hobby you’re hoping to get back in the groove with, or a crazy idea you’ve kept hidden in the back of your mind, let yourself decompress from your regular activities with a new adventure (paired alongside a bottle of ready-to-drink!) As if you need any more reasons to do what you love, a recent study shows those with creative pastimes performed 15-30 percent better at work. We’ll clink our brews to that!

a maker's kit with tools including a ready to drink chameleon cold brew


Feel free to show off how you’re getting back to the grind this September by tagging Chameleon Cold-Brew on Facebook and Instagram, or @chameleoncoffee on Twitter. Here’s to a strong month and an even stronger year…Let’s do this thing!

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