A Love Letter to the End of Summer

By Samantha Reichstein

Originally published on The Makery

September 22 marks the first official day of fall, which, as cheesy as this may sound, brings a small tear to our Chameleon Cold-Brew eyes. While our city of Austin may pretend to stay in the summer season for a few more months, the reality is that that pool floats and cold brew coffee snow cones will soon become distant memories of the past. Not ready to say goodbye to these golden rays of sunshine just yet? Join in on our love letter to the end of summer by reminiscing over favorite flavors, feels, and fun to enjoy before fall begins — all with some Chameleon Cold-Brew buzz, of course!

Lay poolside with Cold Brew Sangria

a sweet sangria with chameleon cold-brew black concentrate as the base

Enjoy your final weekend of summer with a cocktail that combines a plethora of sweet flavors into one refreshing drink. Whether you’re crafting a pitcher for one last party or preparing a cool glass for yourself before the busy season sets in, your tastebuds will thank you for this blend of fruity buzz complete with a splash of sparkling water.

Pack a bag-in-box picnic and soak up the sun

chameleon cold-brew bag in box picnic

While we aren’t claiming our bag-in-box was designed with the sole purpose of fitting inside a picnic basket, we aren’t denying the fact that it does so ever-so perfectly. With a spout that can be popped back in after use, these 64 ounces of cold brew can be enjoyed wherever your heart desires. Grab one off the shelf of Costco or order online to complete the summer picnic of your dreams before time runs out.

Add a buzz-worthy drizzle to your backyard bash

chameleon cold-brew black concentrate used to marinate on grill

Go out with a BBQ bang by drizzling your grilled favorites in a Chameleon Cold-Brew marinade. Nothing screams summer more than an outdoor dinner against a sunset backdrop, and this burst of flavor will take your summer soiree to the next level. Use the final product as a dipping sauce, topping to any grilled creation or a mouth-watering kick to a classic dish.

Cool off with a caffeinated cone

freeze chameleon cold-brew caramel concentrate with creamer for a sweet treat

Boost a classic, summer staple with a splash of cold brew for one final frozen indulgence. Block out a few hours and let your true maker potential shine in the kitchen with this easy-to-follow recipe. The final product? A refreshingly caffeinated dessert that, with every bite, can keep you reminiscing on all of your summer fun.

Let our ready-to-drink be your adventure companion

a chameleon cold-brew espresso ready to drink coffee perfect for grab and go

The end of summer requires one final adventure, and our ready-to-drink cold brew bottles serve as the perfect travel buddy. Whether you’re flying across the country or simply going on a long drive, stay energized with a cold, 10 oz. Chameleon Cold-Brew bottle bursting with flavor the second you pop open its cap. Cross a final exploration off your summer bucket list and let those final rays of sunshine sink in before it’s too late.

Dear Summer,

Thank you for all of the caffeinated memories these past three months. While we will continue to stay buzzed into the cooler months of fall, let these final to-do’s serve as a reminder of the love we have for our warmest season. This isn’t a goodbye — just a see you later.

With love,

Chameleon Cold-Brew

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