Find the Cold Brew For Your Mood

Originally posted on The Makery

By Samantha Reichstein

While our hometown of Austin, Texas may still be blazing with heat, breezy afternoons and early sunsets are a signal to all that the season of fall is in full-swing – a.k.a. pumpkin patch outings, cozy Sunday mornings and a kitchen that constantly lingers with the light of a pre-heated oven. Whether you embrace the new weather wholeheartedly or find yourself slowly inching into the season, we’ve found the perfect Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee for your mood. Curious what bottle you should grab? Read below and stock up for the next few months!

Pecan Cold-Brew Concentrate

A pour shot of hot milk into Chameleon Cold-Brew Pecan Concentrate.

Your love for fall is hardly unnoticed ever since you started counting down the days to bust out a jacket. Embrace all this season has to offer with our Pecan Cold-Brew Concentrate Coffee, now sold NATIONWIDE (this isn’t a drill!) Let your tastebuds enjoy this flavor of fall into all of your coffee obsessions, whether it’s a hot cup in the morning or a dash of liquid love into a pecan pie smoothie bowl. Allow our pecan taste to guide you into any fall activity, such as an afternoon carving pumpkins or simply just listening to the crunch of leaves under your feet. For you, the fall season is what you look forward to all year – so get your hands on this Pecan brew perfected for your fall-obsessed mood.

Mexican Cold-Brew Coffee

Get a hold of your busy schedule in the fall with a Chameleon Cold-Brew Mexican coffee ready-to-drink.

Ready, set, fall! For you, the fall season is one filled with a jam-packed schedule and an overflow of work. Power through those long nights and early mornings with our Mexican ready-to-drink bottles, the perfect on-the-go energizer filled with a splash of spicy flavor. The time between now and Thanksgiving may feel like an eternity, but this brew will seem like it’s crafted specifically for your mood, keeping you focused when a million other things are occurring outside the office. Warm it up for a flavorful horchata or just shake the bottle and pop the cap if needing some Chameleon fuel ASAP.

Mocha Cold-Brew Concentrate

Let your fall mood be filled with the chocolaty taste of Chameleon Cold-Brew Mocha concentrate.

For you, fall is the season to let your sweet tooth take over….but can you really blame yourself for craving delicious treats in this cool front? Let Chameleon’s mocha cold-brew concentrate allow you to live your best self in the kitchen with recipes on recipes sure to satisfy all of your fall tastebuds. Whether it’s a Halloween party or a Friendsgiving potluck, your love for crafting delicious desserts can be shared with your friends and family easily with a splash of our chocolaty coffee. Conquer your fall mood for everything sweet with this brew, either prepared warm in a hot mug, or baked on a lazy Sunday into a coffee bundt cake.

Caramel Cold-Brew Concentrate

Pour a cozy cup of Chameleon Cold-Brew Caramel concentrate and warm up to the fall season.
Photo Credit: @thewholefooddiary

Not everyone can warm up to the fall season so quickly, so if you find yourself struggling to embrace sweater weather, grab a glass of Chameleon Cold-Brew Caramel Concentrate Coffee. This cozy, liquid fuel can give you a break in between fall excitement, allowing you to ease your way into what’s next with a nice, caffeinated break. For a quick fix, heat up our cold brew with a dash of your favorite dairy (or non-dairy) addition for an #Instaworthy swirl shot.

Which fall flavors are you most excited to bring into your daily routine? Tag us on Facebook or Instagram and share your favorites with us! 🍂☕🍁

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