An Event to Dye For: Space 24 Twenty Indigo Dye Workshop

By Samantha Reichstein

It’s 11:00 AM on a Saturday morning, and the corner of 24th St. and Guadalupe St.—an intersection known for student traffic—is filled with adults ready to get caught blue-handed.

“I’m already covered and I know it’s on my face, I do know it’s on there!” Erica Heidepriem said to a crowd of laughter just moments after explaining the process of indigo dye—today’s workshop right outside Urban Outfitters, in an area now known as Space 24 Twenty.

The store’s outdoor expansion, which was complete in Dec. 2015, features a handful of food trucks, outdoor seating and wide rows of orange tables ready for a crowded event.

“Since I started there have been about six to eight every month,” Events and Content Manager Cristina Fisher said. “Erica and I have a mutual friend, and I was told to reach out to her. That’s how most things get scheduled, people telling me things they think would be great for the space.”

Events at Space 24 Twenty range from art workshops to live music and comedy nights. All are open to the public, either free-of-charge or for a low fee. Heidepriem’s indigo workshop was a bit more intimate, capping off at 25 members.

Heideprem said she got involved with indigo after having a child and realizing she needed to be more homebound.

“I don’t need a studio; I can work on these projects in my backyard,” Heidepreim said.

For a few hours on April 29, Heidepreim and Fisher allowed many to share that backyard while crafting their own indigo projects in a social setting.

“A lot of people said I should teach a class, and that’s why I started sharing what I learned a few years ago,” Heidepreim said.

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