6 Chameleon Tips to Mastering SXSW

Originally published on The Makery

By Samantha Reichstein

Every March, our city gets a little bit weirder with the two-week period known as South by Southwest. Whether you’re a first timer looking to explore our favorite city, or an Austinite who basks in hometown glory, SXSW is a festival unlike any other out there—requiring some extra fuel and energy in order to maximize what each day has to offer.

While we may not be able to solve all your SXSW chaos, Chameleon Cold-Brew is here with six tips & tricks that will MAKE your experience better than ever.

1) Rise and grind

Plan ahead by creating a schedule of all the events you want to attend, and make sure you arrive with plenty of time.

The key to a successful SXSW is to plan ahead and get to events EARLY. Venues are small, and regardless if you are sporting every-colored wristband, there is no guarantee you’ll get in to every event. Make sure to start your day early with a cup of Chameleon Cold-Brew, whether it’s an icy flavor that sparks your energy, or a warm mug that fuels your morning.

2) Bring the buzz

Be prepared for long lines and crowds with a backpack filled with items for everypossible scenario. Our favorite go-to? A compact bottle of Chameleon Cold-Brew. Add a ready to drink flavor to your bag filled with sunglasses, a portable charger, rain poncho (for the city’s unpredictable weather) and a wad of cash. You never know where the day will take you, and you’ll always want to be buzzing.

Stay buzzed with a compact bottle of Chameleon Cold-Brew.

3) Perk up the place

You never know who you may meet while engaging in energizing conversations.

Don’t be afraid to venture outside your comfort zone and talk to those around you. When waiting in line, perk up the atmosphere filled with hours of waiting by sharing experiences with many (soon-to-be) familiar faces. Sparking a conversation can give you great intel on what to see and what to skip.

 4) Conquer that 3PM slump

Austin weather is anything but predictable, but you’ll most likely find yourself in need of a shady spot to lay down in when the scorching sun arrives mid-afternoon. Prepare ahead of time with a SMART power nap. Schedule your coffee break accordingly by napping right after finishing your cup of cold brew—preferably at the Casper NapMobile. You’ll awake with caffeine pumping through your veins, as well as a newfound energy that will help you conquer the rest of the day with ease.

Nap happy knowing you’ll awake with a burst of Chameleon Cold-Brew energy.

 5) Keep your soul (and soles) happy

Drink. Do. Repeat!

Embrace the fact that you’ll be on your feet for hours on end and dress accordingly. With a strong caffeinated buzz, you’ll be ready to crank out some extra steps, while also staying active enough to enjoy some cheat meals along the way. We suggest sneakers—that’s what the Dude would be wearing on all four of his feet if he could.

6) Make it, maker!

Immerse yourself in all that SXSW has to offer and MAKE IT, MAKER! We couldn’t be prouder that our hometown is Austin, a city that offers a variety of opportunity for any visitors that come its way. Feel inspired from the various makers you’ll encounter throughout SXSW, and let their success encourage your ideas to be made into realities.

Austin, Texas: a city #MadeForMakers. 

Where you can find the Chameleon Crew throughout SXSW:

Hacienda SX Lounge

Spreadfast Social Suite (request an invite!)

Whole Lotta Yoga

– Refuel & Recharge Lounge at Clive Bar

– Casper NapMobile


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