This woman is marrying her last-minute Twitter date

Originally published on The Daily Dot

Like any normal millennial, she took to social media in hopes of fixing the problem. In under 140 characters, her impulsive solution was out there:

“So hmu if you wanna be my date to a wedding tomorrow:):):):):):)::)):):):):)):))/):)”

With about 13 smiley emoticons, the ask was less than stellar. Little did she know this humorous request would not only land her a date for the occasion, but lead to her own engagement just two years later. Yes, you read that right: engagement.

Madison O'Neill finds husband on Twitter

So who is this mystery man who replied just in time? Chuck Dohrmann, a.k.a. someone O’Neill says she always thought was a little obnoxious in high school.

“Dude I’ll be your date to a wedding! When is it?” Dorhmann tweeted back. And just like that, the rest is (now viral) history.

With more than 92,000 retweets and 460,000 likes, it’s safe to say the internet is not only rooting for these two, but wants to know everything about their relationship.

“We went to the same high school but he was a grade older and I always thought he was obnoxious… but we didn’t actually know each other,” O’Neill tweeted, answering the curious requests of thousands.

Dorhmann chimed in as well, letting the Twitterverse know just how the details of that wedding panned out.

“Also for the record I called in sick at work to go to the wedding” Dorhmann tweeted.

Just knowing those tidbits, users responded with an outpour of love and praise.

The couple’s story even made the “Moments” section of Twitter on Thursday.

As of now, the wedding date has not been set. It’s safe to say when the invitations are mailed out, however, that some may follow in O’Neill’s footsteps.


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