The Perfect Fit

The Perfect Fit

Virtual meets reality as the online apparel store ModCloth takes to the streets with an array of pop-up stores. First stop on the map? None other than Austin’s fashionable and famous Second Street District.

By Samantha Reichstein

Though a convenience, the end result of online shopping is often a gamble: sizing can be faulty, photographs may distort an outfit, and if on a budget, the cost of shipping can put the total over the edge.

One popular online store is modifying their platform and directly addressing these concerns.

Their answer: a fully stocked pop-up store.

On April 8, the vacant space at 249 W. Second Street transformed into a brick-and-mortar store for ModCloth, the popular apparel website known for their vintage-style dresses and eclectic accessories. This pop-up is only the beginning of the anticipated ModCloth IRL Tour, allowing shoppers across the U.S. to not only view and buy clothing, but to try them on beforehand.

And just like online, uniquely interactive is the name of the game.

Shoppers are encouraged to grab a clipboard and pen at the door to easily write down the item numbers and sizes they are interested in buying. From there, the paper is handed over to a ModCloth stylist, who starts a dressing room and acts as a personal shopper—helping add accessories to an outfit or give opinions if needed. When ready to check out, the shopper swipes her credit card and receives the ModCloth package at her front door, only this time, with the reassuring satisfaction of knowing exactly how it looks and fits.

Since opening its doors, the store has received much attention from both veteran ModCloth lovers and interested Austinites. The city has added a unique spin on the brand, in the form of local Austin art and Texas-styled graphic tees.

Inspired shoppers wanting to experience ModCloth’s latest venture are encouraged to visit their website and make an appointment before Memorial Day weekend, when the clothing brand closes up shop and heads to its next location.

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