#MadeForMakers: A Tribe Called Brunch

Originally published on The Makery

By Samantha Reichstein

When two Howard University graduates found themselves living in Austin, Texas, they decided to merge their love for brunch and activism into an empowering movement.

They call their series A Tribe Called Brunch; events focused on buzz-worthy topics in today’s heated political and social climate. Outside of their regular 9-to-5 schedules, Michael Henderson and Jared Culp provide Austinites with gourmet breakfast foods and drinks–along with influential guest speakers– in hopes of inspiring future conversations, leaders and community changes.

Food for thought, if you will.

We sat down with A Tribe Called Brunch to ask them what went into creating this dynamic duo, brunch favorites and personal coffee habits, as well as what being a maker means to each of them.

How did A Tribe Called Brunch begin? 

After succeeding with their first brunch, “Feminism: Which Way Forward?” in February, Michael and Jared hope that A Tribe Called Brunch can create consistent events each month. 

Michael: “We both went to college together in D.C. Brunch culture is a huge thing up there, and we wanted to bring some of that culture down to Austin with bottomless mimosas and a fun morning meal, as well as having something that people could take away after their meal.”

Jared: “We both had separate dinner series revolved around similar ideas, and it really would turn into this creative outlet with a meal on the side. We happened to run into each other through planning these events, and decided to merge our two events into one larger one, forming what is today known as A Tribe Called Brunch.”

Who thought of the catchy name? And how does it relate to the famous hip-hop group, A Tribe Called Quest?

Jared: “I technically came up with the name, but it was based on things Michael said. We both went to an HBCU and were very influenced by hip-hop. I think A Tribe Called Quest is about the diversity of community, and creating culture where people talk. And that is what happens in Austin.”

Michael: “What’s really cool about our generation is we are on a quest to find our tribe.  A tribe is like-minded individuals that see and act the way you do, that can then go out and represent to wider communities.”

For A Tribe Called Brunch, it’s all about waking up, drinking coffee, eating delicious food and discussing current events.

Favorite brunch foods? 

Michael: “Waffles! They can be savory or sweet.”

Jared: “Shrimp and grits.”

How does coffee play into each of your busy schedules?

Jared: “One morning cup to get me through the day. On the weekends though, it’s kind of ridiculous. I cut it off during the week but drink it a lot on the weekends.”

Michael: “I drink coffee through the week, and I cut it off on the weekends. Jared and I are POLAR OPPOSITES!”

Though they can’t agree on a normal coffee routine, they can agree it gives them the energy to fuel their passionate endeavors. 

What does being a “maker” mean to each of you? 

Michael: “A maker is someone who makes something with their hands or their minds, but they are producing something outside of themselves.”

Jared: “Creating something that impacts someone’s life the way you have been impacted by someone else’s creation.”


Who: A Tribe Called Brunch

What: Hallelujah (an interfaith dialogue)

When: April 9th, 12-3PM

RSVP: click here!

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