How to Stay Hot When the Weather is Cool

Originally published on The Makery

By Samantha Reichstein

Winter weather has arrived in full force, and while it’s very easy–almost tempting–to stay bundled up  in your bed all-day, it’s important to keep that Chameleon Cold-Brew #MakerMentality in high gear throughout the next few months. It may be easier said than done, but staying hot when the weather is cold should not just be a lofty dream, but an attainable goal that, of course, your favorite brew can help you conquer in no time. While we can’t take all the credit, we can ensure our buzz will keep you motivated, energized, and most importantly cozy throughout this season (since you can drink us hot… incase you have yet to catch on!)

Start your morning with a hot pot of cold brew

Warm your body the moment you wake up by brewing a fresh pot of Chameleon Cold-Brew whole bean coffee.
PC: @meganjennifer

Yes, you read that correctly: A HOT pot cold brew. Our latest product, three whole-bean flavors crafted with our organic coffee beans, couldn’t have arrived (or be sold in a holiday bundle online!) at a more perfect time. Start your morning with a cup of Chameleon just the way you like it, and let your tastebuds instantly feel warmth that can help you start your day strong. This bolt of warm, buzzing brew can kick your caffeine levels into motion while maintaining your carefully-crafted morning routine, regardless the temperature outside. Whether you choose to warm up with a mug fireside, or pour our hot brew into a tumbler on your way out the door, our whole bean, cold brew coffee is your new winter best friend.

Find that winter cold brew #SideHustle

Stay busy (and warm) inside fueling your newest side hustle with a cup of Chameleon Cold-Brew.
PC: @ecocult

Just because the winter weather has you stuck inside, does not mean your trapped with nothing to do. Use this laid-back time to pick up a crafty #SideHustle you can take on easily from inside your home. Choose one of our DIY projects that re-uses our colorful bottles, take our quiz to find your #SideHustle inspiration, or simply carve out time to complete a task that has been stuck on your to-d0 list for months.  What are you waiting for? We’re a coffee made for #Makers, so drink up, get fueled, and pursue your latest passion – in the comfort of a heated space.

Preheat the oven & bake your cold brew heart out

Bake any Chameleon Cold-Brew treat and keep warm with the heat of an oven.

Tis the season of sweater weather, so why not embrace it with some of our warm, cold brew kitchen favorites? Not only is baking a great lazy Sunday activity, the heat from your oven will keep you and your home warm, cozy, and comfortable without much effort. Check out some of our favorites below, or create your own and tag us on Instagram and Facebook so we can see your caffeinated creations!

Cold Brew Spice Cupcakes (pictured above)

Cold Brew S’mores Bars

Cold Brew Maple Sausage Pancake Muffins

Cold Brew Unicorn Bars

Set aside time for winter self-care

De-stress with a hot, self-care activity accompanied by some Chameleon Cold-Brew fuel.
PC: @abbymatses

Planning for the holidays and cramming in work for the end of the year is anything but stress-free, not to mention the bonus freak outs that may occur when your skin adjusts to the cool and dry weather. Allow yourself a designated time to de-stress with something HOT, whether it’s a nice bubble bath, an hour sitting by your fireplace, going for a run fueled by your favorite cold brew flavor, or treating yourself to a quiet and cozy coffee date.  The Chameleon Crew understands that everyone, no matter how driven or determined they may be, needs time to relax and rechargein order to be their best maker. Plan ahead for activities like this once a month, once a week, or even once a day to keep your mojo going strong throughout the winter season.

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