Conquering the Work/Life Balance

Originally posted on The Makery

By Samantha Reichstein

With holiday season in full swing, it’s safe to say the standard 9-5 work schedule has blurred into a never-ending cycle of endless to-do lists. Your workspace has somehow morphed itself into constant crunch mode, whether that means being the last one to leave the office, or working into the wee hours of the morning at your in-home desk. While it’s easy to shrug off time before the holidays as a constant routine of work and repeat, it’s important to ensure a healthy and strong end-of-the-year finish that doesn’t leave you burnt out. Although we can’t promise to magically take over everything that needs to get done, Chameleon Cold-Brew is here to provide a caffeine-filled savior that can help you truly conquer the work/life balance.

Relax in a healthy way

After a long-day of productivity, it’s easy to feel like your mind and body deserve a much needed break. And yes, going out for that team happy hour is a good idea once in a while, but finishing every night with a round of drinks isn’t always the best solution. Maintain a healthy work/life balance by scheduling time for impactful stress reducers that can help clear your head in a meaningful way.  Leave the office a tad early to get in a quick workout, schedule time in your evening schedule to meditate after long hours of sitting in a desk chair, or even compile a few minutes to yourself to reflect on your day with your favorite cup of caffeine (and yes, we are going to safely assume that’s Chameleon Cold-Brew!)

Identify your priorities

Keep your mind focused by prioritizing what work needs to get done these next few weeks, and fuel yourself with a bottle of Chameleon Cold-Brew coffee.

Right now it feels like every task needs to get done immediately. In reality, some are extremely important, while others can get brushed aside until your schedule provides more flexibility. Start your morning by setting your alarm thirty minutes earlier–sounds horrible at first, but we promise it’s worth it! Use this time to brew a hot cup of our whole bean, organic coffee that you can sip on while crafting a realistic to-do list. Write priorities which must get done ASAP at the top, with other tasks you want to accomplish, but are not necessary, near the bottom. Bring this list with you to work so you can keep yourself accountable without letting stress overload your work day, crossing off items as they get accomplished while also getting rid of others that don’t matter in the moment.

Use time off to recharge

Once your schedule is cleared for nothing but holiday enjoyment, make sure you soak up vacation time with activities unrelated to your work life. What does that mean exactly? Ditch as much technology as possible. Opening up your laptop will have you more- than tempted to check in on work emails piling up, as well as work alerts at any hour, regardless of how important it really is. Instead, use this time to fully recharge yourself, and not your electronics.

Instead of engaging with a bright screen, we recommend…

Face-to-face interactions

This one is a no brainer, but sometimes easier said than done. Use your phone sparingly and soak up as much time in-person with loved ones, especially during this time when your schedule has ample time for spur-of-the-moment decisions.

Peaceful quiet

Ever feel like the only quiet time you get during the work week is when blaring ‘white noise’ through your headphones as you type furiously at your desk? In this much needed break from day-to-day tasks, clear your mind and take a quiet walk outside.

Do something that connects you to a bigger picture

It’s easy to lounge around during your free time and binge-watch the latest Netflix series, but staying up all-night to finish Season 2 isn’t going to recharge you for the new year ahead. Instead, use this time on your hands to check off a hobby or skill you’ve always wanted to pursue, but never had the time to fully embrace. (Hint: it can even be something as simple as brewing your own cold brew coffee with our latest DIY coffee kit!) Discover your inner #Maker and enter 2018 with new motivation and an even bigger skillset.

How will you fuel yourself in these next weeks to keep up a healthy work/life balance? Let us know by snapping a photo of your favorite methods, and tagging us on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter!

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