7 Coffee Hacks Your Brew can Provide for You

Originally published on The Makery

By Samantha Reichstein

Ask any coffee drinker if their favorite brew has magical powers, and the answer will almost always be yes. Whether it’s the smell that induces a jump-out-of-bed sensation, the caffeine that creates a second wind of energy, or simply the instantaneous feeling of happiness one feels when holding a fresh cup, coffee has allowed for impossible tasks to become achievable in the hectic world we know as the present. However, many coffee drinkers are unaware of just how versatile their favorite drink can be. We’ve created a list of the top seven most surprising coffee hacks you can use for your everyday life!  Go ahead… let your coffee provide more than just a refreshing taste.

1)  Fertilizer


Leftover coffee grounds make the perfect addition to any soil! Coffee grounds add organic material to the area, which improves drainage, water retention, and aeration. Working these grounds into the soil and around your plants makes for an eco-friendly experience and an added bonus to any garden.

2)  Car Freshener 

Though coffee may not leave the freshest breath, it can easily re-vamp new car smell, making the backseat enjoyable for any passenger. With a few household items, a coffee-infused freshener is perfect to hang from your rear-view mirror. For a more out-of-the-box approach, your newly-crafted item can double as a scented Christmas ornament.

3) Hair Product

While it may seem impossible, coffee may be the best treatment for your luscious locks on the market. The trick is quite simple: brew an extra strong pot, wait a few minutes for it to cool, and apply to dry, clean hair. Keep it in for at least twenty minutes, and after rinsing your hair will shine with ease.

4) Body Scrub 

Kill two birds with one stone by using your leftover coffee grounds in the bathroom. Create a DIY body scrub  (using your favorite Chameleon Cold-Brew flavor) that not only leaves your skin smelling fabulous, but is also a proven product to reduce the appearance of cellulite over time.

5) Refrigerator Cleanser 

We’ve all experienced it; accidentally spilling coffee in a confined area and having that smell stay there for days or even weeks on end. So why not use this scent to your advantage? Placing a bowl of fresh coffee grounds inside a refrigerator for 48 hours can help absorb the unwanted odors of leftovers, rotten produce, and spoiled milk!

6) Flea Repellant 

basil_160201_Chameleon_0542 (1)

This trick comes in handy not just for you, but your four-legged family members as well. While fleas love dog hair, they absolutely hate coffee! No, you should not fill your dog’s water bowl with caffeine, but lathering coffee grounds into their coat during a bath can solve the problem.

 7) Dish Soap

Spice up a household chore by adding your favorite ingredient into the mix! The rough texture of coffee grounds creates a good clean, scrub without the worry of damaging precious dishes. Adding a few tablespoons of dry coffee grounds to a cleaning rag can successfully get the job done.

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